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Watch our recent webinar on the impact of inflation and supply chain disruption on economic development projects


In this expert panel webinar, the IED and our organisational partner Arup shared recent research which was undertaken to better understand the impacts of cost inflation and supply chain disruptions on projects and programmes (particularly capital projects) managed by economic development teams. Following a presentation of the key findings by Arup, an interactive panel discussion (with an opportunity for delegates’ Q&A) explored: • How can the sector, especially local government partners, work together to share more insights and information to navigate these challenging times? • What are members doing now to protect the objectives and projects that matter most to them and their stakeholders? • How can we, as a sector, be sure we are ready to proceed with projects? • What are the longer-term implications of those decisions (or decision to delay/cancel projects)? • What opportunities and trade-offs are we making as a sector to progress project delivery now? Chair: • Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, IED Panellists: • Tom Stannard, Chief Executive, Salford City Council and Chair, IED • Zach Wilcox, Associate Director, City Economics and Planning, Arup • Jane Healey Brown, Global Town Planning Skills Leader, Arup


To watch, click on the link below.