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At the time of this webinar, there will be just 21 days until the end of the Brexit transition period and the changes will affect many areas of life whether the UK reaches an agreement with the EU or not. There will be no extension, and there will be guaranteed changes in the way businesses can import and export goods, the process businesses follow for hiring people from the EU and the way businesses will be able to provide services to EU members. For economic development professionals there will be huge implications in both how their work is funded (we still have no details on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund) and delivered, and there is a real danger that Brexit will further compound national and local economic recovery, exacerbating the regional inequalities that the government is seeking to address through its ‘Levelling Up’ agenda. 

To examine the current and potential landscape, we have pulled together an expert panel to allow anyone with an interest in economic development and regeneration to hear from leading professionals on Brexit and how they are preparing for life outside the EU. This webinar is essential for anyone working in economic development and regeneration, public, private and third sector. Delegates on the webinar will have the opportunity to pose questions to the panel, and share thinking themselves, in an interactive one-hour session.

Chair: Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, Institute of Economic Development

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