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This page provides links to predominantly COVID-19 related articles/hubs that have been produced by our members. By including these here, the IED is not promoting any particular company, simply highlighting useful information created by our members. If any other members wish to provide content for this page, pleased do get in touch at

Deyton Bell have published several discussion documents on what measures should be put in place to help address the economic and commercial impact of C19, and they thought that IED members might like to know about this. Deyton Bell have been working with LEPs and Local Authority clients throughout the year to both help address current challenges and plan for the future. Deyton Bell believe that Local Authorities and LEPs now need to review LIS, Growth Hub and other economic development strategies/activities to meet the new economic landscape, address the needs of the people/businesses requiring most support and importantly, arrange appropriate services. Action to design, plan and deliver the required support is needed now. If members would like to know more, our papers are available at

This is a link to organisation member Emsi, who have provided a COVID-19 employment data dashboard. This models employer demand during the crisis and allows for free local data extraction.

Covid-19 Economic Recovery Framework

Supporting local areas to develop their economic and policy response to Covid-19

The Lichfields team has been working with LEPs and local partners across the country to share their insight and analysis on economic implications and local policy responses to this unprecedented pandemic.

Lichfields have produced a summary document and this can be read in the link at the bottom of this page.

Lichfields has also developed the Local Economic Risk which explores how different areas could be affected by Covid-19 in the short term based on the sectoral composition of their local economy.

ARUP have developed a pack of 10 ideas for local authorities to help rebuild economies after COVID-19. This can be viewed here:

Planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore have a number of COVID-19 related articles on their website.

Likewise planning consultancy Pegasus Planning have COVID-19 related articles that might be of interest to planning colleagues.

Corporate member Signed Up Skills by PDMS has an article outlining some key ways it can help clients, including local skills platforms, chatbots and helping moving services online.