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Join the online launch of our major research: From the Ground Up - Improving the delivery of Social Value in Construction


We warmly invite you to the online launch of a major research report: From the Ground Up - Improving the delivery of Social Value in Construction. This will take place on the 30th June 2-3.30pm.

The Institute of Economic Development (IED) and co-authors Arup and Atkins have carried out a major piece of research into the delivery of social value in the construction sector, exploring all aspects from procurement, definitions, activities, monitoring and evaluation.

The construction sector is central to place making and economic development, provides the 6th largest source of UK employment in the UK, is a major recipient of public spending, and by 2030, the total construction spend is estimated to be £500bn. If every one of those pounds delivered double, quadruple or ten-fold the value in tangible, additional social benefit, we could make a significant impact on our disadvantaged citizens and our left-behind communities.

In parallel to our sector-wide research, the Institute of Civil Engineers has commissioned similar work in their sector - Maximising social value from infrastructure projects.

Both studies have revealed many challenges for both the public sector and industry across all aspects of social value, and have produced practical solutions for overcoming them.

The session will be chaired by Bev Hurley CBE, Chair of the Institute of Economic Development and the panel will include representatives of the IED’s research co-authors from Arup and Atkins, Judith Sykes, Research Director Useful Projects, and a representative from ICE. The session will include a brief overview of key findings and recommendations from both reports and will have an interactive Q&A session where panellists will answer questions from attendees.

The online launch will take place via Zoom. To register for the launch, please click here.

We do hope that you can join us to learn the key findings and recommendations, and interact with our panel of social value experts.