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European Funding (ESIF Programme 2013-2020) - Technical Guidance Note


The Institute of Economic Development (IED) is becoming increasingly concerned about the distribution of the final rounds of European Funding under the 2013-2020 ESIF programmes amidst a growing view from our members that the European Programme Managing Authorities are increasingly taking a more risk averse view of applications to try to ensure that no funds will need to be repaid to the EC as a result of subsequent compliance disputes.

Whilst the programme is working well in some areas and in others, there are elements of the programme which are progressing without difficulties, this briefing note focuses on those areas of difficulty.

We hope that this note is of help to our members. The IED has met with Government Officials to discuss this further and will continue to engage in constructive dialogue. We will continue to press for clarity, transparency and timely communication, in order for the ESIF programme to be fully allocated, and will update members as any further clarity or guidance can be given.

To read the briefing note in full, please click the link below.

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