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COVID-19: support for our members


We are acutely aware that many of our members will be continuing to work exceptionally hard on emergency Covid 19 response planning. We lay out below some of the additional support we are putting in place urgently. In addition to our normal services we will be:

• Creating a dedicated page on our website with the experiences and learning of organisations in meeting these challenges and collating recommendations.

• Offering c1 hour of free research / data provision (assuming publicly available data sources) to any members that have a requirement to meet the response or to help them continue their day job whilst they have additional demands on their time.

Collate policy asks of Government for the immediate and longer term response.

The website resource and our bulletin is free to non-members so feel free to share the links widely as the new information is posted.

By helping in this way we hope that we can bring the collective resource of the economic development community together in order to help deal with the crisis.

Also, please look out for our COVID-19 special bulletin which will be placed on our website on 2nd April. In that we will be asking our public and private sector members to share their perspectives so that we can collate, and share with other members, as many perspectives as possible to support knowledge transfer across our member community during the course of the coronavirus pandemic.