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Birmingham meeting very disappointed with depth of Industrial Strategy Green Paper


The IED hosted a morning event in Birmingham on 7 March to discuss the IED’s response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper.

The event was a great success with attendees really valuing the opportunity to debate the content of the Strategy and hear from others.

In general, there was concern that creating a UK wide Industrial Strategy was a slightly strange approach given that the Government was otherwise apparently keen on devolution. The other general view expressed with reference to many areas of the Green Paper was the applicability of the policies to business.

Above all the people attending the meeting felt that the topics in the Green Paper were the relevant topics to consider but that there was very little detail or new thinking in many of the aspects raised.

The meeting in Birmingham focused on the first 5 topics in the Green Paper. The main comments received on these 5 topics are set out in a document which can be accessed here.

We are keen to hear from any other IED members or economic development colleagues that wish to feed in views on the consultation exercise in order for the IED to make a comprehensive response. Please do get in touch with us at admin@ied.co.uk over the next week or so if you would like to feedback any thoughts on specific parts of the Strategy.