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Member Event: Pandemic, People and Places: shaping our places as we learn to live and work with Coronavirus

11 Aug 2020 - Online 11am to 12.15pm

​This is a member event, run by thinkingplace.

Join thinkingplace founding Director John Till  ‘in conversation’ with Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council.

Since the start of the pandemic Martin has been at the heart of managing the numerous implications of Coronavirus at a local and regional level. As a leader passionate about place he has forthright views about how communities move forward alongside the virus and what’s important for our regions, cities and towns to think about in a changed world.

The discussion will cover these and other areas and you’ll also have your chance to put your questions to Martin!

• As places look to recover from Coronavirus many are talking about a reset what might that mean?

• What are the implications for place shaping and is the role of the local authority likely to change?

• In a future that will be messier, fuzzier and greyer will the collaborations created out of crisis stand the test of time?

• Will more power be devolved so that places can manage their own destiny?

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Webinar in collaboration with Solace

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