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Delivering in Uncertain Times: updates to IED and Arup joint member research


In a response to recent events, the IED and our organisational partner Arup have relaunched a survey to better understand the impacts of cost inflation and supply chain disruptions on projects and programmes (particularly capital projects) managed by economic development teams. 

With this information, we hope to create helpful insights for government, investors and private partners about what matters to you.  

The revised survey, which should only take a few minutes to complete, can be accessed here, and is open to IED members AND non-members until 5pm on Thursday 1st December 2022. All responses are confidential and will be gratefully received.

Key issues covered in the survey are:

  • The extent to which inflation, supply chain and finance issues have affected your organisations’ operations in the past year, and the extent to which decision-makers in your organisation understand the impacts.
  • The types of projects in your area which are seeing the greatest cost pressures from cost inflation, and which are most being prioritised and maintained in the current economic climate.
  • The actions being taken to manage issues arising from inflation and supply chain disruptions, and the support you have received.
  • The key risks associated with cost inflation that your organisation is most worried about now and going forward
  • The intention to improve skills, capabilities or services as a result of managing cost inflation and supply chain disruption.