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Levels of Membership

Individual Membership

Full Membership (MIED)

Professionals who are suitably qualified to post graduate level or have a minimum of three years relevant experience in an discipline of relevance to economic development are eligible for full Member status and entitled to use the designation MIED.

To retain MIED status we require all members at this level to complete 40 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) over a 2 year period. This can be logged in the members only area of our website which you will be granted access to you once you become a member. Should an MIED be unable to meet this CPD requirement, status will be downgraded to AIED level.

Full details of our CPD requirements can be found here.

The annual subscription for MIED membership is £213 with a one-off enrolment fee to pay of £45.

Apply for Full Membership here.

You will need an email address for someone (ideally your present employer) who can confirm your eligibility.

Associate Membership (AIED)

Any individual working in Economic Development or a related field is entitled to join the Institute as an Associate Member. You will be eligible to use the designation AIED and file your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity on-line direct to our central records. You can upgrade to Full Member status after three years with suitable CPD or immediately on achieving a relevant post graduate qualification.

Full details of our CPD requirements can be found here.

The annual subscription for AIED membership is £160 with a one off enrolment fee to pay of £45.

Apply for Associate Membership here.

You will need an email address for someone (ideally your present employer) who can confirm your eligibility.

Fellowship Status (FIED)

Becoming a Fellow requires a significant contribution to either Economic Development as a profession or to the Institute itself. Applicants must already be Members of the IED and be supported by at least two nominations from other IED Members. In exceptional circumstances and by invitation only, the Board of the Institute may confer the status of Honorary Fellow for outstanding contributions to the profession.

The annual subscription for FIED membership is £266.

To find out more about Fellowship or to apply, in the first instance please email us at


Student Membership

Student membership is for full or part time students working towards a qualification in a relevant discipline but who are not in employment. Under student membership students gain access to the Member Only area of the website and will be accepted as Associate Members on starting work at the end of their studies.

The annual subscription for student membership is £21 with no enrolment fee to pay.

Apply for Student Membership here.

You will need to provide an email address for your course tutor (or similar) who can provide confirmation of your studies and expected year of graduation.


Retired Membership

Professionals who are retiring but wish to remain a member may take up our LIFE membership - with a one off fee of £100. If you are interested in this, please contact the office at or give us a call.


Please note that returning Members are not required to pay any enrolment fee.

Subscriptions to the IED are an allowable expense for UK income tax purposes and do not attract VAT.

The IED operates to the highest levels of corporate governance and adheres to the Companies Act 2006. Please click on the link below to access our Memorandum & Articles of Association.


To download our membership brochure please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Organisation Membership

This level of membership is for any organisation engaged in economic development related activity such as Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), local authorities, housing associations, consultancies, charities, large scale construction firms, higher education institutions and so on. Organisational membership provides recognition to your customers and community that you are committed to the highest possible standards in economic development.

Organisational Members - standard rate

The annual subscription fee for standard organisation membership is £670:

  • Unlimited number of memberships at all levels for qualifying staff (same qualification rules as for individual membership)
  • Organisation logo visible on the website - every organisational member has its logo and a link to its homepage on the IED website
  • Your organisation included in the consultants directory (if relevant)
  • individual member and organisational recognition
  • Subsidised CPD (at IED member rates)
  • Subsidised annual conference attendance (at IED member rates)
  • Significantly cheaper than individual membership - along with an unlimited number of individual memberships within the organisational umbrella, there are no enrolment fees
  • Organisations, through their individual members, gain access to all of the benefits outlined for individual membership including significant discounts on attendance at our CPD events, our national conference and our Jobs Board and ability to input into member blogs/research.

Organisational Members - large private company rate 

The annual subscription fee for standard organisational membership, for any large private company (with over 250 employees) is £1,299.

This level of membership brings all of the benefits of standard organisational membership, and also offers the key benefit of regular input into our monthly newsletter and other email communications as required. 

Organisational Partners

The annual subscription fee for organisation partner membership is £2,999.

Our Organisational Partner membership is for larger organisations who wish to gain greater access and visibility with the work of the Institute with the ability for instance to input into member events, CPD and networking sessions. It provides all of the benefits of standard organisational membership as outlined above, but with the added benefits of:

  • Opportunity to plan, lead and input into member event sessions (online or face-to-face)
  • Opportunity to deliver CPD (subject to IED sign off on the course)
  • Opportunity to engage/input into local networking sessions
  • Logo visible on home page of website
  • opportunity to meet with IED board members on a regular basis

All levels have unlimited membership, but Organisational Partner can input ideas into the events programme, CPD courses and Conference Programme and then have first choice on participating in on-line events and CPD delivery.

To find out more, or to apply for organisational membership, please email us at or ring us on 01925 730484.

To download our membership brochure please click on the link at the bottom of this page.