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Delivering Place Competitiveness (Sue Lang)

Sue Lang, Regeneration and Funding Group Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Delivering Place Competitiveness CPD workshop

Sue Lang is Regeneration and Funding Group Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. She has held this position for the past ten years and is responsible for place-based local growth, economic development policy and strategy (including that related to the Humber, and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)), and European Union and external funding. In May 2018, Sue undertook the IED’s Delivering Place Competitiveness CPD workshop in Warrington.

“I signed up to the workshop because I needed to complete my CPD and, having originally interpreted the title as being relevant to place shaping, I saw it as an opportunity to share in sector-wide best practice, especially in areas with weaker property markets,” Sue said. “The session was actually more geared towards attracting major investors and this itself provided good insight into business decision-making. The most informative aspects were the case studies and the message that the ‘offer’ needs to reflect likely demand, where this can be assessed through market intelligence and so on.”

Sue explained that the workshop is helping to refine the actions related to the East Riding Economic Strategy 2018-22, launched in June 2018, which has identified four priorities (business growth, lifelong learning, quality locations and sustainable economy) to enable the East Riding to respond to the Government’s Industrial Strategy vision at a local level and complements the ambitions of the Humber and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEPs. “Given the long-term nature of the subject, it is too early to demonstrate the key impacts of the workshop on me and the Council, but I would definitely recommend IED events to others. We are now exploring IED corporate membership and as part of this, will be encouraging colleagues to attend any of the CPD events,” she added.