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Achieving Inclusive Growth (Liz Philpot)

Liz Philpot, Growth Programmes and Policy Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Achieving Inclusive Growth CPD workshop

Liz Philpot is Growth Programmes and Policy Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. She took up the job, where the remit is to secure place-based regeneration and growth through effective strategic relationships with key funders and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), in 2017. In May 2018, Liz attended the IED’s Achieving Inclusive Growth CPD workshop.

“I signed up for the workshop as I found the main topic appealing, and in my current role I was keen to find out how this should be interpreted at a local economic development level,” said Liz, who leads the formulation and commissioning of the ‘place’ elements of the East Riding Economic Development Strategy to support delivery of the East Riding Local Plan and LEP strategies. “With the session being run by the IED, I knew it would attract a good cross-section of fellow professionals to contribute to the session.”

Liz said the workshop had provided reassurance that my “own thinking about inclusive growth was broadly consistent with fellow professionals”. She explained: “It gave me many ideas on which to develop my own work further (and that of my team), providing local economic development support through a unitary local authority. The learning has helped me to challenge whether our own approach to local economic growth is inclusive, and to identify any areas that could be improved or dealt with differently.”

Describing this, and other IED workshops she had attended, as “good value” and in “accessible locations”, Liz said the session provided her with an invaluable opportunity to network with other economic development professionals. “The session was really well structured with good introduction and context. It was participative, and there was opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other attendees. This was particularly useful due to the different professional interests of delegates, including where they were from,” she explained.

“As a result of a contact made at the workshop, we had a follow-up call from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Policy Unit to ask for an account of our experiences of setting up and delivering the Yorkshire Coast Community Led Local Development project (ERDF/ESF programmes), to inform development work being carried out by Government for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. I would definitely recommend the IED’s CPD workshops to others, and have done recently.”