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Business Case development, including Green Book (Elsa Durieux)

Elsa Durieux, Surveyor – Planning and Development, CBRE
Business Case development, including Green Book CPD workshop

Elsa Durieux is a Planning & Development Surveyor at CBRE, a property consultancy business. She has been in post for three years and her work consists largely of preparing public funding bids and planning applications for property and infrastructure development projects. She also provides economic development advice to local authorities through work on urban regeneration masterplans and associated strategic spatial policies. Elsa attended the IED’s ‘Business Case development, including Green Book’ CPD workshop in Manchester, where she and CBRE are based, in May 2019.

“I signed up to the workshop after being involved in the preparation of a Green Book-compliant business case for an infrastructure project,” Elsa said. “My main goals were to better understand how the property inputs which my team provided to the programme manager were used to inform the economic case, and to gain better understanding of the contents of each case. I benefitted especially from an excellent overview of the rationale for the five-case model and insights into the contents of each case. The fact that the workshop was geared towards the public sector officers present also provided me highly valuable insights into the Green Book model from a potential assessors’ perspective.”

Elsa subsequently applied her learning from the course by immediately being involved in the preparation of two other Green Book-compliant business cases. “Knowledge gained from the IED workshop allowed me to brief my team and clients on the structure/information requirements for the submissions,” she explained. “It has also helped me to have informed, productive discussions with the specialist economic consultants involved in supporting the projects. I would recommend the workshop to anyone seeking an introduction to a specific aspect of economic development practices. It provided a very useful overview of the guidance available on the topic and pointed me towards additional learning resources. As such it constituted a very good starting point to the subject.”