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Online CPD: Business Case Development, including Green Book (Daniel Harper)

Daniel Harper, Executive Officer – Economy & Transport, Harrogate Borough Council

Daniel Harper is Executive Officer – Economy & Transport at Harrogate Borough Council, a position he has held since 2018. His remit spans business support, skills, regeneration, infrastructure, inward investment and sustainable transport. Before that, Daniel held several economic development and business development roles at the Council dating back to 2006.

In November 2021, Daniel attended the IED’s ‘Business Case development, including Green Book’ CPD workshop in November 2021. “I signed up to the online course for a recap on business case development, primarily because I wanted to refresh and update my knowledge,” he said. “My learning objectives were met – the course was excellent. The highlight was the style of delivery. Nigel Wilcock (IED Executive Director) pitched it at exactly the right level, pace, and the case studies were really relevant.”

Daniel added: “I am working on a number of large projects at the moment that are in various stages of business case development so the impact has been immediate as I have applied the knowledge straight away. Similarly it gives me a better understanding when procuring consultants to support business case development. I would definitely recommend the IED courses to others. They are ideally pitched for beginners to economic development or those like me who want to refresh and top-up their skills.”

Case study developed: December 2021