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Paul Frainer

Director | IED

Assistant Director Strategy and Economy | Greater Cambridge Shared Planning


I am an experienced economic development, strategic urban and regional planning professional and board level non executive director. I have a passion for economic development work with a systems approach to develop practice to address the complex social, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities we currently face.

My current role is a joint appointment between Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council. I have overall responsibility for economic development, strategic planning, and planning policy development in a complex economic and political geography with multiple stakeholders partners and statutory delivery bodies. I have extensive crosscutting experience in local authority operations including; sustainable growth and investment, strategic planning and policy, partnership development, place shaping, regeneration, shared services and commercialisation. I also have senior level financial, political experience including commissioning and procurement, commercial vehicles and local authority trading from my recent employments.

In my current role I am deeply involved in managing, impacting, delivering and navigating within a complex economic and multi governmental system in Greater Cambridge - a local government setting right at the front line of current social, economic and environmental challenges we are part of in 2020 Britain. This gives me a unique insight into both the challenges and opportunities of progressing positive action from both a localised ‘bottom up’ approach, combined with strategic partnerships and lobbying on a regional and national level.

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