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Neil Darwin

Director | IED

Managing Director | Deyton Bell


Neil is Managing Director and Chief Economist at Deyton Bell and has worked in economic development across public, private and government sectors for the past 30 years. Before joining Deyton Bell, Neil completed a successful period as the Chief Executive of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership. Prior to this Neil has held a number of economic development roles across public and private sectors.

Neil’s experience has been gained in complex, multiple stakeholder environments across the UK and working with partners across Europe. He has led projects with partners across all continents, with particular expertise in: leading and managing broad services, including refocusing organisations and success in delivering new strategic plans; sourcing funding for both individual businesses and for public sector infrastructure; strategy design and managing delivery in complex public-private sector environments; ensuring high quality outcome-focused delivery; and supporting business growth and attracting inward investment

Neil has a strong reputation across public, private and government sectors and is known for his strategic thinking and ability to convert this into high-quality delivery.

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